Sorting the Options In Linen Rentals For Weddings

If you are confused about all of the options in linen rentals for weddings, the following material should help iron out the wrinkles.

  • Tablecloth.
    The king of linen rentals for weddings, the tablecloth, beautifully covers tables to create an elegant dining experience. Rental stores offer tablecloths in a wide variety of colors and materials. Layering tablecloths can create an even more dramatic effect. For instance, a floor-length tablecloth can act as the base cloth and another shorter tablecloth (Overlay) in a coordinating color or pattern then tops it off. You may also consider Spandex linen for a modern, fitted look.
  • Table skirt.
    This table linen decorates a table using gathered or pleated fabric that runs from the top of the table to the floor. Rental table skirts beautify buffet tables, wedding cake tables, gift tables, etc.
  • Napkin.
    In addition to serving the functional purpose of allowing wedding guests to wipe their mouths while eating, rental napkins also bring decorum to the table, especially when properly folded.
  • Chair cover.
    Rental chair covers come in a variety of materials, including cotton, polyester, lace, lame, lamour satin, velvet and taffeta. They cover the entire chair from the top to the floor. Although, rented chair covers may cover all types of chairs from a folding chair to a Chiavari chair, chair covers made of a more sheer material, such as organza, appropriately cover rented chairs too beautiful to hide. Chair style covers include straight, swag or pleated backs. Spandex chair covers have become very popular as they’ll fit just about any armless chair.
  • Pillowcase or Self-tie Chair Cover.
    This type of rental chair cover does not require a sash because the cover itself ties into a draping knot at the back of the chair.
  • Chair jacket.
    Unlike chair covers, rental chair jackets do not cover the entire chair. Instead, they drape to the floor, but cover only the back of the chair, leaving the seat and legs of the chair exposed. For this reason, they sometimes are called chair backs. Brides and wedding planners rent chair jackets when they want to add a little something more to a rented chair, such as a Chiavari chair, that is too beautiful to cover completely.
  • Chair sash.
    Also called a tie, this rental linen consists of a long piece of fabric that wraps around the front of the chair’s back for tying in a bow or knot behind the covered or uncovered chair. You can also use chair sashes as table runners.
  • Chair pads.
    Rental chair pads, which provide added seating comfort, come in a rainbow of colors.