The Perfect Size Tablecloth Rentals for Your Wedding

The size of your tablecloth rentals really depends on the size of your rental table. The table below shows what size of tablecloth rentals for different sizes and types of tables. Check with your rental professional to make sure that you rent appropriately sized tablecloths for your tables.


Table Type and Size
Size and Shape of Needed Tablecloth Rentals
Round cocktail table, 30” 96” round or square to floor
Round cocktail table, 36” 96” round for 30” drop
Banquet table, 6’ 90” x 132” to floor
Banquet table, 8’ 90” x 156” to floor
Round table, 48” 72” square for 12” drop
108” round to floor
Round table, 60” 81” square for 10” drop
120” round to floor
Round table, 72” 90” square for 9” drop
132” round to floor