Do’s and Don’ts of Rental Chair Covers

You want your wedding to be perfect, so you’ll want even the tiniest details to reflect all of the work and dedication you’ve put into your ceremony. Knowing the ways to get the best out of your rental chair covers is certainly a big step in the right direction of creating that polished look for your wedding that will wow your guests.


  • Step One
    Decide on the colors and fabrics you would like your chair covers to be. Most rental chair covers companies carry multiple colors, so you’re not stuck with just white unless, of course, that’s what you want.
  • Step Two
    Consider the style of your wedding. Plain banquet covers may be all that you need to spruce up the chairs at an informal wedding, but for a formal gala wedding you’ll want to consider elegantly draping chair covers, perhaps in satin or other materials. You may consider Spandex chair covers as well. They are easily installed and very modern looking.
  • Step Three
    Choose the sash for your rental chair covers. You’ll want to pick a coordinating color for your sashes.. Most sash styles tie across the center of the chair back, but some will actually hang lower and tie at the base of the backrest. Which one you choose will depend on the kind of chair you are covering, as well as the room you’ll have between rows.
  • Step Four
    Check with your wedding consultant for suggested rental stores. Often, wedding consultants are very well connected with many of the service providers in your area, so they will certainly have suggestions on which stores to rent your chair covers. They may even be able to offer you a discount by mentioning their name.
  • Step Five
    Inquire at your ceremony or reception location before deciding to rent chair covers. Some places come readily equipped with items like chair covers and these may even be covered in the price to rent the site.
  • Step Six
    Talk to your caterer and planner. Some full service caterers can include rental chair covers in their fee, and may even give you a more discounted price than renting the covers separately.