Chiavari ChairCover Ups K-Resin Chiavari Chairs are factory assembled, with no moving parts.  They feature durable, high-density resin molded over a single piece steel frame, which is rock-solid.  We’re constantly referring to these chairs as “wobble proof”.

Resin chairs have all the scratch resistance of aluminum, and then some, without the weight.  They won’t scratch each other when stacked side by side, and each chair has a nice soft pad under the bottom rungs to protect the seat of the chair it sits on.

The resin is the same color down to the steel, so if the chair does become scratched it’s easy to sand lightly and polish. Lastly, K-Resin is hot-cold resistant to prevent cracking. And because the resin is 100% UV stabilized, K-Resin Chiavari chairs are another excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor events.

Cover Ups K-Resin Chiavari’s are available in 5 colors: Gold, Silver, Mahogany, Black and White.