Planning Your Chair Cover Rental

Every special event requires some level of decorating. Many people spend time decorating the walls and ceilings of the venue and pay attention to the linens on the tables. Quite often they forget about the chair cover rental. There are many different covers you can choose from and the cost of chair cover rentals is very inexpensive. For about $3 – $4 per chair you can make sure you do not leave out this detail of decorating for any event.

Before you finalize any rentals, all chair cover rental companies recommend that you make sure you have the correct measurements for the chairs used at the venue. While most people will tell you that the chairs they use are standard size, this often refers to the size of the seat and not the back of the chair.

For example, you could rent the cover for chairs with backs that are 30 inches high only to find that the chairs in this location have 45 inch backs. In order to get the covers in the material of your choice, you do need to be sure of the size of the back of the chair. You should always book chair cover rentals well in advance of the date that you need them. This accessory is becoming very popular for weddings, showers and banquets so in order to get the design you want, you need to book early.

For weddings held during the spring & summer, you should book the chair covers at least six months in advance because of the popularity of summer as the time for weddings. You do not need to have the final number of covers that you need at this time. It is perfectly fine to estimate the numbers according to the number of invitations you plan to send out. You would not have to let the chair cover rental company know the exact number until about two weeks before the date of the event.

You may be afraid to risk renting chair covers for your event because of the possibility of stains or tears in the material. However, chair cover rentals do allow for these possibilities and will not charge an extra fee for spills of wine or other drinks or stains from food on the covers. A stain from any natural source is easy for them to remove in the cleaning process. However, if you get stains on the covers, such as that of permanent marker, that will ruin the cover, then you would be liable for an extra cost, but only for the covers that are damaged in this way.

It won’t take you very long at all to put the covers on the chairs. One person can easily put the covers on 100 chairs in about 40 minutes. This takes a lot less time when you have helpers. You don’t need to rent a large vehicle either to hold the chair covers when you pick them up or return them.

You can easily fit about 200 chair covers in the trunk and back seat area of a small car. At the same time, you also have the option of having the chair rental company take care of doing all the work for you. The staff will bring the covers and put them on all the chairs just before the reception and will come and pick them up when the meal is over.

If you’ve chosen Spandex chair covers or linens, the space required is even less.