AGREEMENT: Customer agrees to the terms of this Agreement. No changes to the terms shall be effective unless made in writing by a representative of Cover Ups and the Customer.

PAYMENT: One Hundred percent (100%) of the total rental is required to reserve your order. Cover Ups Online Store accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

SHIPPING: All Linen or Chair Cover orders are shipped prepaid, round-trip via FedEx Ground. All shipments are scheduled for delivery at least one business day before the event date, subject to inventory availability. All items must be shipped back to Cover Ups, in the Cover Ups return shipping duffel bag, within (one) 1 business day after the event date. If the items have not been returned within one week after the event date, Cover Ups reserves the right to charge the replacement value of the items to the Customer’s credit card on file. A replacement value on Chair Covers, Napkins and Sashes of five times the rental charge and a replacement value on Linens and Skirting of three times the rental charge will be assessed.

CANCELLATION: Cancellation for any reason will result in a 25% restock fee to mitigate banking and administrative costs. Otherwise, the Customer will receive a 50% refund for any order that is canceled 21 or more days prior to the event date. No refund shall be made when the cancellation is made closer in time to the event. A cancellation is not effective until Cover Ups sends an email confirming cancellation. The Customer agrees that the fees retained upon cancellation are not penalties, but are to compensate Cover Ups for administrative costs and potential lost sales. Refunds to the Customer will be paid by check within 21 days of cancellation.

INSPECTION & GUARANTEES: The Customer is responsible for inspecting the rental items prior to use on the event date. Cover Ups warrants that the rental items will be shipped in good condition. The Customer acknowledges that there are no warranties for minor defects that are not readily apparent and/or are the result of normal wear and tear. Notification of any otherwise defective, damaged or missing items must be made to Cover Ups (and to FedEx if the damage occurred during shipping) before the event date. Cover Ups will make every reasonable attempt to replace the defective, damaged or missing items before the event date. If this is not possible, a refund will be made for the rental cost of such damaged or missing items.

DAMAGED/UNRETURNED: The customer will be responsible for all damaged, lost, altered, or missing items. All items must be returned in the same condition as received, normal soiling and wear excluded. Cover Ups is able to remove most soil and many stains. For items missing or items returned with tears, soil, stains, burns or other marks that cannot be cleaned or repaired, the Customer authorizes the charge to the Customer’s credit card on file for the replacement cost as follows: Chair Covers, Napkins and Sashes of five times the rental charge and a replacement value on Linens of three times the rental charge will be assessed.

LIABILITIES: Cover Ups shall not be liable for any injury, loss, or damage directly, indirectly or consequently arising out of the use, misuse or inability to use the rental items. The Customer shall indemnify and hold Cover Ups harmless from all claims, actions, proceedings, costs, damages and liabilities, including attorneys’ fees, arising of the use, inability to use or misuse of the rental items. Some states do not allow certain limitations as to liability and to that extent, such limitations may not apply to you. In the event the Customer violates this Agreement, the customer agrees to be responsible for all damages and costs, including, but not limited to, costs of collection and reasonable attorneys’ fees.