How To Rent Chair Covers For Your Wedding

Wedding Chair Cover Rentals

Sometime after your engagement, your first full time job will suddenly become planning for your wedding!

There’s the dress, the cake, the location, the guests….it all simply starts to add up quickly. Soon, you may feel as though you are spinning out of control. However, as the initial lists begin to blur a bit, it’s important to remember that your wedding venue selection and the way it looks will be in your photos for a lifetime.

Enter, the chair cover rental. Wedding chair cover rentals and the linens that go along with them can easily transform your photos to extraordinarily memorable for you and your guests. This can be one of the single best investments in your wedding budget.

A classy wedding day can call on the likes of white satin chair dressings, satin or organza sashes. Where to start? Picking a reliable chair cover rental company is key, because chair cover rental, delivery, setup, breakdown, these are all things that should be included with your rental for a truly stress free wedding event transformation.

Coordinate with your wedding planner. Schedule the arrival and delivery of chair covers and let the wedding chair cover rental company handle the rest.

At Cover Ups Chair Cover and Linen Rentals, we offer an extensive collection of high quality specialty linens and chair covers. In addition, we pride ourselves on customer service, creative consultations and custom installation so the bride has just one less thing to worry about on her special day.

By customizing your wedding chair cover rental and linen rental needs to fit both style and budget, we focus on creating an unforgettable celebration. Contact us today….fill out our quick form and we’ll get back with you immediately to help. Make sure you include your wedding planner’s name and phone number if you are using a planner so that we can partner to take care of you during this important event.