Choosing A Wedding Linen Rental Company
Renting the wedding linens you want for your wedding reception is a very cost saving way to have elegant and luxurious wedding decor. The first thing you should do in looking for wedding linens rental companies is to search for reputable firms that have experience in this part of wedding planning.

Such companies will have sales consultants who will work with you to help you choose and coordinate the linens with your color scheme or theme. The will help you choose tablecloths and chair covers in the correct measurements for the tables and offer advice about the best fabric choices. If there is such a rental location near you, you can visit the showroom. You are also able to view photos on the company website.

Most wedding linens rental companies will charge an extra fee for the delivery, set up and pick up of the linens. This will not add a lot to the cost and will save you time. However, if you choose to pick up the linens and set them up yourself, this will not take you very long, especially if you have several people to help you.

When you decide on a rental company to work with, you will need to have an approximate number of guests for the reception because you will need to pay a 20% to 50% deposit when you sign the agreement. The balance of the cost is generally not due until 7 days prior to the event and at this time you can change the numbers, which will also affect the cost.

Normal stains on wedding linens are acceptable when you rent from any company. This applies to stains caused by spilled drinks or food. Wax from melting candles comes out during the cleaning process, but if mold or mildew develops on damp linens, then you will be responsible for the replacement cost.

Also if there are any stains on the linens that cannot be removed in the cleaning process, it will result in you having to pay for the wedding linen rentals that are ruined in this way. Once you sign the contract for wedding linens rental, you are responsible for any theft or destruction of the linens. When you receive them they will be in impeccable condition, having been thoroughly cleaned and pressed for your event.

Shop around for the best price for wedding linens rental. Not all companies charge the same price and some offer special deals during certain times of the year or if you place your order early. For example, if you have 200 guests at your wedding reception, you may be able to get the sashes for the chair covers free of charge under such a special promotion. First time customers also get a discount from many companies that rent wedding linens.

It is crucial that you have the measurements of the tables and chairs before you look for a wedding linens rental company or for chair cover rentals. This is because the size of the tablecloth has to match that of the table. You also must know whether you are going to be using round, square or rectangular shaped tables and whether you want the clothes to reach the floor.

Another decision is whether you want an overlay on the tablecloth. Chairs, too, are all different sizes. Although the seat area may be the same, there are various styles and sizes of the backs of the chairs and this is necessary in order to get the right fit in chair covers.

For more help with guidelines on linen rentals for your wedding or next event, be sure to contact Cover Ups Chair Covers & Linens so that we can help you further!