Choosing A Wedding Linen Rental Company
If wedding chair covers are used, trimmings are added, or the two are combined, the results when you decorate your venue chairs will be magnificent. While wedding chair covers quickly and easily improve venue chairs, other decorations can work wonders also.

Plain white or ivory covers work as a ready canvas for your wedding colors. Decorative accents may include leaves, sashes, or seasonal ornaments. With so many possibilities, one thing is certain – no wedding venue has to be spoiled by horrid, unpleasant chairs.

Ribbons and Bows

Ribbons are a great way to dress up your wedding chair covers. A lone band of ribbon may be used for a modern and orderly effect, while multiple bands of ribbons can give a more fancy appearance to your wedding chair covers. Simple bows can have an extremely striking effect when placed as an accessory for wedding chair covers. Huge bows can be used to signify the important tables, or can simply be placed on every chair. Presented in every shade you can imagine, ribbons, bows and sashes are a straightforward, effective way to introduce color and add interest, especially if the rest of your wedding linen is white.


Fabric strips and sashes can be used much like bows can. Having a band of draped fabric on the back of a chair in a different color can add a classy look to wedding chair covers. Cut a wide length of fabric in a color or pattern that suits your theme and drape it gently from the chair back or tie it in a neat band in a ruffled or pleated effect. Instead, 2 toned materials could be pulled in a diagonal sweep across the chair.


Use pretty throw pillows, or small pillows that you can cover with fabrics to match your theme or wedding colors. This idea offers comfort as well as style, although it is perhaps only appropriate for less formal weddings.


Flowers could be used on the backs of your wedding chair covers, adding a dash of color. Flowers that match in with the center pieces could be slipped into chair bows or sashes. Otherwise, ask your florist about making flower chair backs to co-ordinate with your floral table centers. If your budget does not stretch to a floral garland for each guest, then just trim the chairs at your head table. Otherwise, you may wish to think about using artificial flowers. Rather than garlands you could use little posies and hang them from the chairs with ribbons. Attaching a single flower to the side of the chair with a decorative ribbon is a much understated way to style an informal wedding.


Draw attention to the bride and grooms seats by adding their initials to the covers or sashes in embroidered letters. Personalize each chair with the name of the guest assigned to that seat. This will create a more contemporary reception look as your tables can be less cluttered; just fasten your place name tags to the backs of chairs. Ensure you use a bold color and clear writing so that guests can find their place setting without difficulty.


If you have a theme, rather than a simple color scheme for your wedding d├ęcor, the possibilities are endless when it comes to your chairs. Snowflakes are great for winter themed weddings while spring flowers can be used for a fresh look in April. Dazzling, vibrant colors work well in summer for wedding chair covers and autumn leaves can be used to add warmness to your wedding venue.

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