sashKnotTypesHow To Tie Chair Cover Sashes

  • Chair Cover Sashes : Step OneOnce you’ve found a chair cover via rental or purchase, you are ready to tie a sash. You can use any sash material you’d like–the most popular are satin and organza. Whatever material you choose, make sure it has the desired width. Remember, the use of a sash is both aesthetic and functional–it looks beautiful and helps keep the chair cover in place. The most popular widths are between 6″ and 8″ wide and at least 7 feet long.
  • Chair Cover Sashes : Step TwoTake the length of sash and fold it in half. Press the middle of the sash into the middle of the inside chair (the part where the person’s back will lean against) and bring each half around to the back on each side. You are essentially “wrapping” the chair with the sash material.
  • Chair Cover Sashes : Step ThreeTie a simple knot in the back to secure the sash material around the chair cover and to make it easier to work with. Stretch out the width of the sash around the chair. The knot will give a more dramatic look by creating a “fan” look on either side of it with the gathers of the material.
  • Chair Cover Sashes : Step FourChoose your bow style. There are many types of bows out there ranging from easy to fancy.
  • Chair Cover Sashes : Step FiveThe easiest bow to tie is a basic bow (see image). Tie a simple knot in Step 3 to secure the sash, then make 2 loops and tie those together–this is the same knot you use to tie your shoe. Pull the “loop” ends out to the desired length and blouse the material. Pull the material a little in the center knot to look smoother and fuller.
  • Chair Cover Sashes : Step SixAnother option is a square knot (right over left and left over right, see image) tied loosely or tightly, which can be simple and elegant.
  • Chair Cover Sashes : Step SevenYou can also choose to take both ends of the sash and bring them around the back to drape over your your simple knot from Step 3. This is known as the “flip” (see image).